Taylor (xoxopinkrocks) wrote in born_2_cheer,

1. Name:Taylor

2. Age:14

3. Location:Michigan

4. Did someone invite you here? Who? uh, no i just found it ;)

5. how long have you been cheerleading? 5 years

6. do you cheer for your school? yes, notre dame prep

7. how many teams do u belong to? what kinda of teams are they?( rec, varsity, jv, all star ) 1, varsity

8. Does your team compete? yes

9. what are your colors? what is your mascot? green and gold, the fighting irish

10. Is cheerleading recreation or sport? Why? it is definately a sport because if you compare all the work we have to do to any other sport, were working just as hard. it is very dangerous too. so how could something so risky and involves a lot of hard work and dedication not be a sport?

11. What positon in stunts are you? flyer? base? backspotter? base

12. Can you flip? yes

13. what are your goals for cheerleadign this year? to get my standing back tuck

14. Have you had the chance of being a captain of your cheerleading team? no, im just a freshman

15. Are you planning to cheer for college? im not sure yet, but i'd love to.

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please include a picture of you in ur cheer leading uniform, if you dont have one then just one of you would be fine

some of my old team, i dont have any pictures from this season yet.
me, leanne, stephanie- last years team.
stunts.. and the girl on the ground with her hair flying up was doing a tumbling thing. lol with like somersaults and backhandsprings... i dont know haha.

since this isnt a rating community anymore, i didnt promote.
sorry lol.
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