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Application :)

1. Name: Jylenne
2. Age: 16
3. Location: Canada
4. Did someone invite you here? Kinda Browsed Into It
5. how long have you been cheerleading? 3 Years.
6. do you cheer for your school? Yes
7. how many teams do u belong to? 2 what kinda of teams are they? School Team and All Star Team.
8. Does your team compete? Yes, both teams do
9. what are your colors? 1. Blue & Black - Dragons and Purple & Black - Stingrays
10. Is cheerleading recreation or sport? Yes it is a sport, It involves using athletic ability to jump, tumble, lift and throw. I always get mad at people when they argue that it isn't a sport.
11. What positon in stunts are you? FLYER all the way :)
12. Can you flip? Yes, I'm a tumbler.
13. what are your goals for cheerleading this year? Be more strong in my stunts, more attitude and facial expressions when performing.
14. Have you had the chance of being a captain of your cheerleading team? We do have 'voting' sessions every year, I plan on running to be captain next year.
15. Are you planning to cheer for college? I sure am, I plan to cheer until I'm 87
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http://xxletmefall.livejournal.com/1529.html?view=1017#t1017 - I have one... I dont have many friends on LJ

These are last years :) New photos soon
On the RIGHT I Am On The Right.

Me In LIB Me In a Liberty :)

This Year - All Star Team
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