Kaitlyn♥ (___paperstars) wrote in born_2_cheer,

1. Name: katie (kaitlyn)
2. Age: fourteen
3. Location: NY
4. Did someone invite you here? no, I found it on a search
5. how long have you been cheerleading? I know this probably sounds pathetic, but this is my first year. I still know more about cheerleading than most cheerleaders though haha. I`m on varsity, and at my school to tryout you must be in highschool, so ever since I was in first grade, I`ve been working on jumps & tumbling, and just waiting for highschool forever. haha. =D
6. do you cheer for your school? yes
7. how many teams do u belong to? I`m on my school`s varsity team
8. Does your team compete? yes
9. what are your colors? red and white we are the settlers , and our logo is a clipper ship? yeah, so we don`t really have a mascot unless someone is weird enough to dress up as a.. boat?
10. Is cheerleading recreation or sport? Why?I think it is a sport ebacuse it is just as hard, actually HARDER than things people consider sports. In most sports its okay if you drop the ball or make a mistake, but cheering is more than yelling GO TEAM and wearing short skirts. If we drop a girl, then well, we are just screwed haha.
11. What positon in stunts are you? flyer? base? backspotter? base, and In cheercamps before I was actually on the team, I was a backspotter, and the actual team used me as a flyer when I was 10 for a full extention basket toss (hehe)
12. Can you flip? yes
13. what are your goals for cheerleadign this year? backhandspring
14. Have you had the chance of being a captain of your cheerleading team? not yet
15. Are you planning to cheer for college? it would be fun, but in college I`m going to be baton twirling instead
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